My New Diet

Today has been full of errands. Worked out this morning, went to the dentist (separate post), got a pedicure, went to work for a little bit, went to piano lessons (separate post) and went to dinner with someone from work that was here on business. Busy Busy Day.

At dinner, we both ordered pasta with a white wine sauce. Very yummy. Mine had chicken and hers had shrimp. We got to go boxes and were on our way. Mine started leaking out the side on to me and my purse. Yuck. So I run back inside to get napkins to clean up.

We walk across the street to the hotel where hers starts to leak sauce on her. We get in the hotel to get napkins and clean up. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to take both of these home so I can bring her hers the next day at work since there is not a fridge in her room. They still have paper plates left over from breakfast so I figure those will catch any drippings and will keep them from tipping in my truck.

I get home drip free! So I put as much as I can into my little bag I got from the dentist. I'm carrying my piano book, my purse, these two containers of pasta, and my keys. Everything is fine and dandy until I get to my door and there is a huge ass moth on it!

My first instinct is that I need a rock or a stick. That very well isn't going to happen since my hands are full. I try kicking the door, disgusted that I am this close to it, trying to get it to fly away. No such luck. So then I take my bag and try and hit such luck. As I'm kicking at my door, Kiki is barking inside, and one of the containers of food slips off the plate because of the sauce and falls to the ground...splattering in front of my door and on it. F*CK ME seemed liked the only expletive that fit at that moment. Now that my hands are free because of the fallen dinner, I take off my shoe and beat the hell out of the moth. He didn't deserve to die that painfully, but I was pissed! Now I'm thinking, how the hell am I going to clean up this pasta? Vacuum? Hmm..probably not a good idea. Paper Towels? Hmmm...forgot to buy some more. I knew it was going to attract every bug known to man.

I get my door open...pasta still on the ground, and Kiki runs outside to greet me and is interrupted by the chicken pasta. She starts eating it. For a second I wonder if I should stop her. Screw it! I leave the door open so I can see her as I put my stuff away and go to the restroom. She's chowing away.

She's got most of it gone when I decide I need to wash it away. Grab two cups of water and just pour them on the remembrance of tonight’s dinner. Kiki was mad at me...she wasn't done.

I take her to go potty, she goes, comes in, and waits for her treat she always gets. I told her she already got her treat. She then goes to lie down on the couch and pout.

Meanwhile, the left overs that didn't hit the ground went in the trash and are now making my apartment reek of shrimp. Eck! I've lit every candle in the place!!

So I hope the girl at work isn't really looking forward to her pasta for dinner.